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I always seem to change this stupid about me...
so here it goes again....
I dnt really think my name is important .
nor is my age important .
but I'm pretty suree I'm old enough to be on here .
I live in New York city bby !
it's a pretty fun for me !
I'm bisexual kay . so I fxck with dick and pussy .
I love to drink ! it's a hobby .
I like smoking, but it's not as fun as drinking .
I'm pretty nice when you meet me . just dnt piss me off .
and trust me I get pissed off easily .
most people think I'm repulsive...
it's fine coz' I'm me so who are you ??
I don't want a bf or a gf .
but for suree, I'll fxck around .
I love cyber sexing . it's pretty fun :) so LET'S FxCK !
I would love a friend who's just like me . in everywayy... or possibly better .
someone I can fxck and still be friends with ahaha .
basically a fxck buddie, but better !
orr.. if you can make me "rofl" than that will work too .
kay, well I'm done . byee . thanks for reading .
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O mnie
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suck it easy .
Relationship Status: Single
Bxtch suck mah dick;;
Name: tht bomb ass bxtch.
Sex: Always ^.^
Location: Getting fxkd up with your mom >. Last Log On: .000000001 sec. only coz' it crashed. XD

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