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Is what good waffles do So Sweet! sticking together the magic donut wand! your sweet little ghost So sweet!
Avatar since: 04.05.2011

Age: 25
United States - MI
Last log on: 02/05/16

♡N U T 12:6 ♡
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Orientation: Other
Looking For: Other

I'm an Artist of many sorts!
I no longer accept art orders from people I don't KNOW.
I'm very protective.
I attend college at the International Academy of Design and Technology.
Current Degree: Bachelors of Fine Arts Graphic Design.
I have an incredible boyfriend who I want to keep forever.
I want to hug every cat, and pet them all.
Work, Art, Manga, Videogames = Life.
I am in LOVE with Pixel Perfect!
I do NOT accept random friend requests.
I don't like people who rip off my hard work. You all suck.

Want to know more? Ask or Stalk me on Client.


Please grant all badges I make to Nutteh. (As of 11.1.15)
I MAY ask for certain badges to be granted to a certain alt, but not all.

I DO NOT HAVE SET PRICES. TYPICALLY I charge $5.00 per tile, but it really depends on what I'm drawing and how it turns out OR THE AMOUNT OF DETAIL. Scenery/people badges will always cost more because they are way more effort, and have a nicer outcome (Personal opinion).

Send me references. Tell me sizes. Tell me what you want. If you don't specify what you want, you may not get what you were expecting.

I am accepting PAYPAL ONLY. If you don't pay within three days after we review your preview, it will be sold as a premade. Sorry, I dont have internet, or time to dillydally. DO NOT ORDER IF YOU CAN'T PAY WITHIN THE THREE DAY TIME. I'M NOT JOKING. If you can't pay for a week or two, I won't accept orders from you anymore. Unacceptable.

I WILL DECLINE ORDERS if I feel you have too much art that you need to make. I support other artists. Please get what you have done before you order from me. If you have 4+ badges that need to get made, chances are I will decline you until they're made. It's for YOUR OWN GOOD and RESPECT for other artists that their hard work gets published before you order from me. I will only accept orders I feel comfortable doing, or orders I will LIKE doing. If I'm not feeling your ref or idea, I AM ALLOWED to decline it WITHOUT A REASON. So please don't get offended. If you want your art to turn out nice, I need to enjoy working on it.

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Theft? Not cool bro. Be my valentine? Pixel Perfect Chief Nutteh Is what good waffles do sticking together thankyou! suckit
They gave my 512 characters to explain how crazy I am about you, LOL dream big IMVU that's impossible. I woke up this morning smiling bigger than ever, because my immediate thoughts are about you, as my ending thoughts are you at night. You are perfect for me, babyboy, because you keep me positive and always striving to be my best. I seriously didn't think I'd ever use this special someone space because ...lol. Who actually really does? But it's another spot where I can gush about you. I have an idea...

YEAAAAAH! Sit and spin IMVU! Idk why they put a character limit when you can just continue typing in the HTML. OH MAN now you’re screwed cause I don’t have a limit. Happy reading, little love. X’D! We’re going to go far Donny, because every day that I wake up with you I can’t imagine NOT being with you. We work so good together, even when I suck really bad. You’re such a good boyfriend, and you talk to me instead of chewing my head off over me being lame. That’s one huge reason why I love you so much. You can simply just talk to me about things on your mind, and it always goes really smoothly. I’ve never had that with someone before, so I really love it. I know that should just be a normal thing with people in relationships but as odd as it sounds, that seems to be really rare.

Speaking of rare, when I think about you and all things encompassing you…I think holy shet…how did I find someone like this? Jesus we’ve known OF eachother for so long now but we never once thought it would be a smart idea to get close. How wrong were we? That was the smartest idea in the world on both of our parts because I’ve never been happier WITH someone; someone as amazing as you. You’re a wonderful artist who inspires me to be better with my own art and that’s extremely rare and valuable to me. No one has ever inspired me to change my art to progress and be better- I usually just do it on my own. But when I think about you and how great you are, I just want to excel more than anything. You inspire to be more original and creative. That’s really really important to me.

You’re a gamer, that is also insanely important to me. You know that videogames are a huge part of my life, and will be forever so the fact that you enjoy them so much and WANT to enjoy them with me, and take the TIME to enjoy them with me… means the world. I love playing TRINE with you… listening to you laugh at our stupidity, or the funny things you do… I love hearing how happy you are. I love your laugh so much, it’s music to me. I can’t wait to play more games with you and see how we annihilate together.

Your music taste is exemplary. I was raised on electronic music. I’m sure my mom would have tons of stories to tell you about when I was a kid and she’d be in her room smoking a storm up, on acid pro and fruityloops writing music… and I’d be the little kid pouring her coffee and carrying it extremely slow to her room because we all know little kids have garbage motor skills. The fact that you like electronic music so much is the biggest turn on in my life. And I say electronic because you like more than just dubstep, which is also really attractive. I’ve NEVER dated someone who shares such a huge passion in the same general genre of music I was raised on and grew up loving. It seems a little trivial to most people, but it’s important to me that you share that interest with me because music can also take a relationship to new places.

You’re a good person… you’re such a good person and a lot of people haven’t had the privilege to see what I’ve seen inside of you. You are one of the most caring people I’ve ever known, even if you don’t like the person that much you still show empathy and express your care. You honestly amaze me, in every way imaginable. You have the most honest heart I’ve ever witnessed and that alone would attract me to you. You are everything I want in a partner. Where things may not be perfect, I have a feeling they are damn close. You help keep me under control, and you keep me out of trouble with other people. And someone reading that may think LOL WTF DOES HE MEAN. I mean, you help keep the drama minimal in my life in regards to others. You make me second guess my reactions and think “hey, maybe that’s not such a good idea” and in turn it keeps me happy and out of trouble. You’re such a good boy, baby. Thank you for looking after me.

Have I mentioned yet how hot you are? Omg, we’re gonna look ace together irl. You are so damn gorgeous, babe. I seriously love everything about you… You make my mind dream like crazy, day and night. I find it insanely hard to not be close to you, touching you, being simply NEAR you. You radiate beauty in and out and I’m proud to be able to say you’re mine. I am SO proud to say you’re mine. You are MINE and you will be for as long as time allows it. I can’t wait to be with you, what an exciting adventure we have ahead of us. It’s already been a crazy one so far, and it’s only going to get better. I’m crazy about you. Undeniably. Every day and night with you is seriously the highlights of my life.

I love you sooooo much already, Donny. It’s only been 103 days since we decided to change our relationship for something more positive. I wouldn’t change it for anything. You are the best and you will forever be.

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*Markup Fee Not included
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