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I apologize for a lack of attention to my work for the past few years. I am doing very well for myself and much of it is thanks to those who buy my products, but more significantly, those who take the time to derive my work. My derivation sales easily swamp my direct sales by over 10 times and, as always, I wish to do everything I can to support new, aspiring developers and more experienced developers alike.

Many of my sources, maps and other files may have been lost. As I recover what I can I will be adding them to here along with other future creations: http://ponieseverywhere.org/IMVU

My sources are free for your use under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to use my sources as you see fit and your only requirement is to put somewhere in tiny letters that you got it from me. You are certainly not obligated to, but I encourage you to share the sources of your derivation from my own work. If you're really brave, I'll be willing to host any of your sources Pro Bono so that you also can contribute to the creativity of the IMVU development community.
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I'll love Zukin forever and ever and ever and ever and ever u.u

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