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My alter ego and main account. Check out this account for more hair, clothing, skins and eyes!
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Gifts are not necessary, but always appreciated. The inventory on this account is still quite small. So, feel free to gift - especially if it's a product you made! You never know when I will use it to display my own stuff! - Thanks in advance!
Lox™ Razored: Sand Blnd*L™ Priss HeadLox™ Emonie : Ash BlondeLox™ Live/Die For TeeLox™ Kawaii Tee
Lox™ Hearts TeeLox™ BoltThrough TeeWild.Eyes Ocelot (f)Wild.Eyes Giraffe (f)Wild.Eyes Zebra (f)
*Rot* Pvc bkini - Blue[69s] ESSENCE*Rot* Pvc bkini - Pink*L™ Elegant | Platinum`O™ {frolic!} | Medium
*L™ Triple Thrill Skirt`O™ Aglow | Medium[69s] DRIFTQUEEN AVIWild.Eyes Leopard (f)*L™ Chainz | v.1

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