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Hello and Welcome to my page. My name is ShandralaFury but i go by Shan mostly. I am Developer for imvu and its something i really enjoy doing. If you ever need help and its something i can help with please dont hesitate to reach out to me. I am also a greeter for imvu which i enjoy as well. Its great to meet new people from around the globe and talk and chat will them. If you ever need help follow this link. Need help? https://help.imvu.com/s I have a instagram if your interested in following me there.... ShandralaFury.vu as well as a payhip store where i have some texture packs as well as freebies. https://payhip.com/ShandralaFury I Met my husband on here and we are happily married in real life. Thank you IMVU for that every day.

This is a shout out to my Hubby on here and in real life. I couldn't do what i do if i didn't have the support and love that you have given me threw the years. You make me want to Reach for the Stars because with you beside me i believe i can accomplish it. To my rl daughter. You are the reason i breath. you are the best thing that ever happened to me and i count my blessings daily that i have you in my life. To All my rp children. Thank all of you for being in my life you make each day just as special as the one before it. I love you here and rl always. To my Family on here. Each of you has a place in my heart as well. You all have supported me and been there threw the years and months and its awesome to know you continue to do so.

To all my friends. Thank you for your friendship and continued support of my endeavors you make it possible for me to be me lol

i support all devs. WE should all do this honestly its teamwork, friendship and respect that makes imvu shop what it is. Dont forget to be proud of what you do.
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