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Hello Everyone Welcome. Im Shan. Im a creator on imvu, a Dj and a family person. My family always comes first.

My Husband TwilightShadowFury. Literally my other half. He completes me. Married on imvu and real life. ShadoahFury. My real life daughter. What can i say she is my mini me.

My friends and Family know who they are. They make my imvu what it is.

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U Are my everything and i'm positive that u know this. Your smile brightens my day. Your touch makes everything seem like it isn't as bad as i first thought. Your touch constantly sends shivers through me. and each night i close my eyes i cant wait to open them again to see you beside me. U are the first thing i see in the morning when i wake up and the last thing i want to see when i close my eyes. You make each day brighter just by being in it. I will never regret my choice to marry you in rl. I love you.
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My real Life Daughter. one of my number one fans. and of course my MIni Me
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