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Avatar since: 26.06.2006

Age: 39  18+ Age Verified Age Verified
United States - WI
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Check out my YouTube channel where you can see how I make many of my IMVU products as well as tutorials! Visit my Twitch channel if you just want to watch me work. Sometime I will give away free stuff!


Visit Miaka's Creations to see if I am currently taking requests and to find tips and tricks to having a better IMVU experience. I also talk about myself a lot. :P

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Bundles I have Participated in!!

The Lave Cavern!Adult Slumber Party!
Mud Wrestling Championship!Lust Inc!AP Pirate's TavernThe Love YachtSecret GardenTransylvanian ConventionEurope in Red

My Stuff!

M~ Floor PumpkinM~ Head PumpkinM~ Not Skinny ScalerM~ Reflective MotorboatUltimate Scaler DerivablUltimage Scaler Derivabl

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