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♡ Hi, Welcome To My Page! ♡

I've Been On Imvu For All Together Over Ten Years And For Some Reason I Haven't Stopped. If You Have Any Questions Just Ask And Feel Free To Send Me A Friend Request!

● Twitter: QueenBulbasaur_
● Instagram: QueenBulbasaur_
● Youtube: ♛ Queen Bulbasaur ♛
● Tumblr: haydenthehomosexualbulbasaur.tumblr.com
● Snapchat: SexualBulbasaur
● Skype: xXsadbrokenwingsXx

✩ ★ Special People ★ ✩
This Girl Is Flat Out Amazing, We've Known Each Other Since The Sixth Grade And Even Though We Aren't Able To Talk A Lot Recently, She's Still One Of My Best Friends.
This Guy Means A Lot To Me, He's Always The First Person I Want To See When I Get Online. He's A Sweetie And While I'm Not Quite Sure Why He's Put Up With Me For So Long I'm Happy That He's Still Here.
This Is One Of The Sweetest People You'll Ever Meet. I'm Very Lucky To Have Met Someone Like This Sweet Pea.
He's My Dad, Well At Least On Imvu He Is Lol. We Met Many Years Ago And To This Day I Know He's Got My Back When I Need It.
This Dude Is One Rad Dad, He Is Literally My Best Friend In The Whole Entire World And I'm So Happy To Have Him In My Life. We've Been Friends Since Elementary School And Still Growing Strong.

✦ ✧ Here's Some Facts About Me! ✧ ✦

● Location: Tennessee
● Birthday: May 2nd 1997
● Favorite Color: Purple Or Lime Green
● Favorite Movie Genre: Horror
● Favorite Music Genres: Depends On My Mood
● Favorite Book: The Vast Fields Of Ordinary
● Favorite Holiday: Halloween
● Favorite Pokemon: Bulbasaur
● Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts
● Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon

✖ Favorite Song Currently ✖
Pokemon Bulbasaur

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