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Zarejestrowany od: 2006-05-04
Age: 27
United States - NJ
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"My ****** Makes Ramen Noodles"

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hey everyone! if you didn't know already, the names Carolyn. You can call me anything you want though. Any nickname is fine XD. Well, let me tell ya about myself :P, I'm 13 not 14 first of all -.-. I play the drums, and skateboard. I love getting hyper, and I love Naruto, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Full metal Alechemist, Steel Angel Kurumi, Inuyasha, The Nightmare Before Christmas and a lot of other things :P. I love music. I listen to heavy metal, techno, rock, punk, emo, goth, and death metal. And, no I'm not goth -.-'. My favorite colors are Purple and Black. I have 2 dogs, a cat, a hamster, fish, a lizard, and a rabbit. I do edit pictures, sometimes for free. If you would like your picture done, just leave a message, or ask me :P. I'd be happy to do them! I WILL NOT MAKE THEM EXACTLY LIKE MINE! AND IF YOU STEAL MY SYMBOL I WILL HURT YOU XD Cupcakes and cookies=life XD
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
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Hey everyone! These are just a few things I want. If you buy them for me I would love you! But, if you dont, then I'll still love you anway ^^.
I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Hinata
Likes: manga, anime, kingdom hearts, final fantasy NARUTO
Dislikes: needles, shots, doctors
Owner: Carolyn, "The Lovable Emo"

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[Grey] Panda Tank Top[Panda] Black TieSkull-o-Mania 3/4Burn My Heart[Panda] Cloche Hat
[Fly] Mascara Tears[Fly] ScullShirt Dress[Fly] LolaGirl Blouse[Fly] Flower BoleroSkully Plaidy Bermudas
Lilloli black tophat+80% black Stockings+Black Denim /ChainRed&Black stripes Boots+Adela GirL Top+
+Adela GirL Skirt++BW buckle straps top+[G] In Love pumps[Milk] Goth in Love skin[LLT] Goth in Love Top
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What Type Of Goddess Are You:Goddess of War
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