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Developers: All of my meshes are derivable, with easy-to-use templates included in the product description! Beginning developers, try the E.Z. Tee, the easiest item to derive in IMVU! Check out all of my derivable meshes below.

For more information on KittenKat derivables, join the
Oy! Derivables Group!

New Meshes

Chicken Costume

Chick in Egg Costume

Any Length/Shape Boots

3D Any Shape Tiara/Crown

Animated Gift
E.Z. Tees

E.Z. Tee (Female)

E.Z. Tee (Male)

E.Z. [Long Sleeves]

E.Z. [Front n Back]
E.Z. Tops

E.Z. Top

E.Z. Scoop Top

E.Z. Top Male
MCGG (MCG Guaranteed) Meshes

MCGG Simple Sundress

MCGG Cap Sleeve Dress EZ

MCGG Simple Strapless

MCGG Babydoll Dress

MCGG Babydoll Top



French Braid

Double Braid




Any Length Hair

Any Length Hair v2

Any Length Hair v2 (Short)

Any Style Hair

Any Length Hair (Male)


Geiko Hair

Hair Rollers

Sweet Gwen
Shoes (Female)

Any Length Boots

Any Length Boots v2

Any Length Boots v3

Elf Shoes (F)

Fur-Lined Boots

Any Length Platforms (F)

Any Length High Platforms

Any Length Spike Heels

Any Length Spike Heels +Stocking

Any Length Wedge Boots


Any Length/Shape Boots
Shoes (Male)

Elf Shoes (M)

Any Length Boots (Male)

Any Length Boots Flat (Male)

Any Length Platforms (Male)

Any Length High Platforms (Male)

Any Length Spike Heels (Male)

Any Length Wedge Boots (Male)

Adorable Puppy



Butterfly Nose Pet (F)

Butterfly Nose Pet (M)
Heads (Any Skin Makeup)

The Starlet Head:

Derivable (Regular IMVU Size)

Derivable (Smaller Realistic Size)

Derivable (No Smile) Smaller

Doll Face Head:

Derivable (Regular IMVU Size)

Derivable (Smaller Realistic Size)

Derivable (No Smile) Smaller

Nevaeh Head

Candi Head

Funny Face Head

Anime Head

Kathryn Head

Improved Head 4

No Ears: Head 4

Asian Jen Head

No Mouth: Asian Jen


Dress with Boots

Gothic Gown

Gothic Gown (No Gloves)

Gothic Gown (No Boots)

Gypsy Gown

Renaissance Gown

Renaissance Gown (boots)

Super Goddess Bodysuit/Dress

Super Goddess (No Boots)

Tight Dress

Tight Dress with Boots

Tight Dress with Flares

Tight Dress with Flares and Boots

Tight Dress Flares/Boots/Gloves

Tight Versatility Dress

Tight Versatility Dress w/ Boots

Tight Versatility Dress w/ Flares

Bell Skirt Dress

Bell Skirt Dress + Boots

Bell Skirt Versatility Dress

Bell Skirt Versatility + Boots

Dress: Empire/Tight

Dress: Empire/Tight/Boots

Dress: Bell/Tight

Dress: Bell/Tight/Boots

Fur-Lined Gown

Fur-Lined Gown/Flares

Fur-Lined Gown +Boot

Fur-Lined Gown +Glove+Boot

Tight Hippy Dress +Flares

Tight Hippy Dress v2

Tight Hippy Dress +Boots

Hippy Fur-Lined Dress

Hippy Fur-Lined Dress +Boots

Fishtail Dress

Fishtail Dress +Boots

Fishtail Dress +Gloves


Dress with Wings

Dress with Wings (+boots)

Corset Dress

Corset Dress (+flares)

Corset Dress (+boots)

Corset Dress (Short)

Slightly Cinched Dress

Small Chested Dress

Small Chested Dress +Flares

Fit n Flare Dress

Fit n Flare Gown


Lolita Dress (small chest)

Lolita Corset Dress
Dresses (Male)

Gothic Gown

Gothic Gown + Calf

Gothic Gown + Boots

Lolita Dress (M)

Bodysuit with Small Feet

Bodysuit with Gloves

Bodysuit with Boots

Bodysuit w Boots (+hands)

Plump Bodysuit

Gothic Bodysuit

Hippy Flares Bodysuit

Skinny Minnie Bodysuit

Roxy Bodyshape

Roxy Bodyshape +Flares
Maternity Dresses/Bodysuits

Pregnant Dress/Bodysuit

Pregnant Dress/Bsuit Flares

Pregnant Dress/Bsuit Boots
Curvacious Series For use with Curvacious Avatar only.

Curvacious Doll Avatar

LG Any Length Platforms

LG Any Length Spike Heels

LG Gothic Goddess Top

LG Gothic Top Enhanced

LG Straight Pants

LG Necklace

LG Straight Pants Suit

LG Straight Skirt

LG 3 Skirt Dress

LG Extra Long Top

LG Any Length Wedge Boots

LG Lolita Dress

LG Lolita Top

LG Basic Shorts

LG Fit n' Flare Dress

LG Flare Pants

LG Corset Fit n' Flare

LG Corset 3 Skirt Dress

LG Corset Top

LG EZ Corset

LG Flares Bodysuit/Dress
Britney: Enhanced Bodywear

Britney: Top

Britney: Bodysuit

Britney: Bodysuit (legs)

Britney: Bodysuit (boots)

Britney: Dress

Britney: Tight Dress

Britney: Tight Dress (boots)

Britney: Hippy Bodysuit

Britney: Uber Dress
Pamela: Enhanced Bodywear

Pamela: Top

Pamela: Bodysuit

Pamela: Bodysuit (legs)

Pamela: Bodysuit (feet)

Pamela: Bodysuit (boots)

Pam: Tight Dress (boots/flares)

Pamela: Uber Dress
Dolly: Enhanced Bodywear

Dolly: Top

Dolly: Bodysuit

Dolly: Bodysuit (legs)

Dolly: Bodysuit (feet)

Dolly: Uber Dress
Chelsea: Enhanced Bodywear

Chelsea: Enhanced Top

Chelsea: Uber Dress

Chelsea: Uber Flares

Chelsea: Uber Hippy Dress

Chelsea: Uber Hippy Flares

Gothic Top

Gothic Top w/ Gloves

2 Layer Extra Long Shirt

Extra Long Shirt (Hippy)

Fur-Lined Top

Cinched Gothic Top

Gothic Top (Male)

Derivable Coat

Pleated Skirt

Short Pleated Skirt

Full Length Skirt

Skirt with Pants

Layerable Skirt

Basic Shorts

Flare Pants

Hippy Flares

Flares with Boots

Tight Skirt

Tight Skirt w/ Flares

Bell Skirt

Fur-Lined Skirt

Hippy Tight Skirt/Flares

Hippy Pelvis

Hippy Tight Skirt v2

Hippy Full Skirt

Genie Pants w/ Skirt

Fishtail Skirt

Layerable Bell Skirt

Skirt and Flares (Male)

Pants with Boots (Male)

Fur-Lined Flare Pants

Knife in Back

Knife in Heart

Knife in Stomach

Knife in Head

Gothic Collar

Garter: Right

Garter: Left

Legwarmer: Right

Legwarmer: Left

Layerable Stockings

Teddy Bear (Female)

Teddy Bear (Male)

Any Length Gloves

Cloak (F)

Cloak (M)

Folding Dragon Wings

Folding Angel/Bird Wings

Add-On Peasant Sleeves

Wings + Flying Animation

Detailed Hand Derivable

Heart Glasses

Holiday Hat

Derivable Book [M]

Derivable Book [F]

Parasol with Poses

3D Any Shape Tiara/Crown

Faerie Body

Faerie Body (with Boots)

Faerie Body (Male)

Bunny Costume

Bunny Head

Bunny Nose

Animal Nose (no teeth)

Egyptian Headdress

Fish Head

Zentai Suit

Ladies Mustache

Chicken Costume

Chick in Egg Costume

Tranquil Falls

Teddy Bear

Animated Gift

Improved Avatar

Blank Head Female (Bald)

Blank Head Female

Blank Head Male (Bald)

Blank Head Male

Doll Face Avatar

Smooth Feet (Male)

Smooth Feet (Female)

Armless Top

Still looking for the perfect mesh? Check out imvuderivables.com, your source for derivable meshes!

imvuDERIVABLES.com - your source for derivable IMVU meshes

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I consider it to be the highest compliment when someone derives from one of my meshes, and I am constantly amazed by the wonderful creations people make from them. Check out the outfits I have saved for examples of how many wonderful and varied creations have been made using my derivable items.
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