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If you abuse the community in any capacity, I ill report you. If you break ToS, I will report you. If you have my name on your lips in any inflammatory manner, I will report you. I will NOT engage you. You are insignificant. Grow up and behave like an adult.
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She's always got a LOT to say...#Bestie
Please do not ask me to help you. Contact STAFF for help. Please do not beg. I am generous. Please do not offer roleplay. I don't want to get married or have kids or be in a fake relationship on the internet. Remember - this is JUST the internet.
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Grab My Belt: dance spot- Chicago Stepping 1 -- Chicago Stepping 2 -- Chicago Stepping 3 -In My Feeling solo vers.
Country 1: Horse ShoeCountry 2 Dance with YOUCountry3 Western PartnerCountry 4 Cowboy Cha ChaSKiBiDi - dance SPOT
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Notorious has no special someone.
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